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All about the GotNextGame Video game trucks

What is the GotNextGame mobile Video game trucks?

A mobile GotNextGame Video game theatre is actually a game truck fully loaded with widescreen high definition TVs covering the walls. The hi-Def TVs are positioned in front of custom seats and are synced with the onscreen action speakers. The luxurious climate controlled environment offers entertainment for 16 players at a time while 20 to 30 people can sit in the stadium seats and wait for their turn while cheering for others. Video game competitions and friendly matches are also possible in the trailer. A game coach is also present during the gameplay who is solely responsible for staging and offering the theater for gameplay. The coach will also monitor and make sure that all the participants are in a great mood and are having a great time in a friendly atmosphere.

So, who is the Game Coach?

A game coach is a professionally trained person who accompanies every event with the GotNextGame Video game truck. His job is to help guests have fun! He is also responsible to instruct them on the state of the art gaming equipment. He may also offer instructions and lessons to help younger guests operate the wireless controllers. He can also show some tricks and may help them with new gaming strategies.

The Game coach will also inspire adult gamers with group gaming and explain them the basics of the games. His sole duty is to make sure that everyone is enjoying the event, and have the best possible experience. He is there to make sure your party is fun filled and full of healthy competition.

How does it work?

The GotNextGame Video game truck is actually a modified trailer. It has been well-decorated and designed to meet the needs of the people who love gaming. The interior has been constructed to resemble a theater with high definition wide screen TVs and a state of the art gaming equipment. The other features like luxurious seating, climate control etc. make it one of the best places for competitive gaming. It’s a party at your home.

What are the advantages of the GotNextGame mobile Video game truck?

The GotNextGame Mobile game truck offers a unique entertainment option, wherever you want, and whenever you want. You can have it for your children’s birthday party, graduation party or even your office party! GotNextGame also allows you to have a healthy time with your employees and colleagues at work by engaging in team building and gaming!

  • 16 players can compete against each other at a time
  • User gets to choose your party location and the party comes directly to your user’s preferable location
  • There is no need for setting up stuff or clean the leftovers after the party.
  • The game coach present at the party manages all the action and keeps your party on track
  • It’s a stress free party solution for the host, as host can just sit back and enjoy the event
  • It’s fun for all ages and loads of events are present that can be enjoyed by all age groups

The GotNextGame Mobile video game truck can offer the ultimate party entertainment that anyone can enjoy.

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