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Frequently Asked Questions

I live on a hill, Will that be an issue ?Unfortunately GotNextGame requires a flat location. We can always host a party at a local park or at a vicinity near you if it represents a challenge.
How much space is needed ?GotNextGame requires approximately 56 feet of space. It will fit in front of most homes.
What happens if there is inclement weather ?GotNextGame is designed for all weather climates. There is no need to worry about weather because inside of the trailer is climate controlled!
How many kids can play in the trailer ?GotNextGame is able to service 16 people playing video games at one time. GotNextGame is equipped with stadium seating which will seat approximately 20 to 30 people while 16 will be playing the game comfortably. So there is plenty of room for people to wait their turn for GotNextGame!
Is there an age limit ?GotNextGame welcomes players of all ages. However, GotNextGame requires at least 1 adult in the theater with players 6 years and under. There will be a GameCoach who will help the kids in all of their needs pertaining to the video games.
Who is the supervisor inside of the theater ?GotNextGame is operated by a GameCoach who is responsible for delivering and staging the theater for play. The GameCoach manages the participants and game play. The GameCoach will ensure the participants are enjoying themselves; and it is a festive atmosphere!!
What is needed to restrict certain game titles from younger players ?GotNextGame will not allow any games to be played that are deemed inappropriate for our children without parental consent. What is ok to some may not be for others. If there is an issue with certain types of games just let the GameCoach know and He or She will ensure your parental wishes are granted. It is up to the parent to decide if there is an issue. Otherwise, all games will be available to the participants.
Is it appropriate to TIP the GameCoach who host your event ?Gratuity is not required, but highly encouraged. GotNextGame is determined to bring great service. If for any reason you were dissatisfied we would like to know ASAP!!
Can I serve food or drink inside of the trailer?Unfortunately, nothing to eat or drink can take place inside of the trailer. GotNextGame will setup a banquet table outside of the trailer to enable room for your refreshments.
What type of payment is required to book the trailer?GotNextGame accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express
Cancellation PolicyIf you need to cancel your date GotNextGame will try to find another date that works for you.
How do I book a party?GotNextGame has a fully automated reservation system in place for all of your booking needs! You may book online or simply call to make a reservation at 3104219090. All bookings require a deposit of $100.00. Deposit is nonrefundable.